Do men hold the key to fighting rape in South Africa?

“How many of you here have ever raped a woman?”

After a short silence two men gingerly raise their hands.

In towns and cities across South Africa, small groups of men, some of them confessed rapists, are meeting to talk about sexual violence, as part of a small but significant challenge to their country’s notorious record on rape.

This workshop is gathered at a sports centre in the deprived Johannesburg township of Alexandra.

“Most men are silent about this,” says Dumisani Rebombo, who is leading the workshop organised by the One Man Can Campaign.

But it is “vitally important” for men to play their part in tackling the rape crisis, he says.

Just as the participation of white people in the black struggle against apartheid in South Africa had added strength to that movement, men “must stand up and work with women” to combat rape, he told the BBC World Service.

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