Ex-soldier jailed for another rape

An ex-soldier who raped a woman while on licence after serving a prison term for another rape was jailed for seven years today.

 James Lang, 26, who was thrown out of the British Army after being convicted of rape while serving in Germany, attacked a drunk woman after a night out in his hometown of Torquay, Devon.

 He denied the offence but was convicted after the prosecution at his trial, backed by CCTV footage, argued his unconscious victim was too drunk to consent to sex with him.

The footage, shown at his four-day trial at Exeter Crown Court, showed him putting his teenage victim, whom he met in a club, over his shoulder and carrying her up a dark alley, where he raped her in a doorway in October last year.

 Sentencing him at the same court today, Judge Graham Cottle told the former Royal Logistics Corps lance corporal he attacked her in a place “as inconducive to consensual sex as one can imagine”.

 “She had no idea where she had been. She woke up there realising she had been raped.

 “If not a carbon copy (of his previous offence) it was very similar. You took advantage of a woman insensible through alcohol.

 “Your propensity to have sexual designs on women who have drunk too much is deeply worrying.”

 There was a disturbance in court after Lang was sentenced as one of his victim’s relatives tried to come face to face with him in the dock, but he was prevented from doing so by court staff.

The court heard that Lang, of Laburnum Street, Torquay, was jailed for four years in April 2008, reduced to three years on appeal, after raping a drunk woman in his room in British Army barracks in Osnabruck. She woke up and found him on top of her, before managing to escape and raise the alarm in the guardroom.

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