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Girl,16,jailed at Merthyr after lying about rape

A 16-year-old girl has been jailed for falsely making a rape claim so her boyfriend would not discover she had cheated on him.

The girl, who had consensual sex with a 20-year-old man after a night out, told police that she had been abducted and attacked by three men, Merthyr Crown Court heard.

It led to all three being arrested.

The girl, who admitted perverting the course of justice, received a six-month custodial sentence.

The judge ordered the girl should not be named even though three men she accused were identified in court.

Prosecutor David Pugh said the girl had said she had been pushed up a metal ladder into an attic bedroom and attacked.

But, he said, the truth was uncovered when detectives viewed CCTV footage of her picking up the men in Merthyr Tydfil town centre and kissing one of them.

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Every time somebody makes a false allegation of rape, the public has less confidence in the truth of other complaints of sexual abuse made by genuine victims”

Mr Recorder Jeremy Jenkins QC
Mr Pugh said they returned to the man’s parents’ house and had consensual sex before the girl left and flagged down a police car, claiming she had been raped.

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When reporting rape turns into a crime

The imprisonment of a woman in Wales for withdrawing rape allegations against her husband is a nightmarish addition to the discrimination awaiting women and girls who seek justice after suffering rape and sexual assault.

Just 6.5% of reported rapes end up with a rape conviction (and 87% end with no conviction at all). Stalking, threats to kill and further assaults are common from violent men who have been reported, especially when they have had a relationship with the victim. Two women a week are killed by partners and ex-partners. Many other women commit suicide to end the terrorism they face.

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Herbert attacks waste in criminal justice system

Policing and Justice Minister Nick Herbert welcomed a call for a more joined up, less bureaucratic criminal justice system better serving the needs of victims.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary’s ‘Stop The Drift’ report highlighted examples of inefficiency in the criminal justice agencies and called for a sustained effort to cut down on bureaucracy.

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Baroness Vivien Stern CBE delivers the CPS Annual lecture, The Crime of rape and justice for victims

On the evening of 21 October 2010, at the Crown Prosecution Service Headquarters at Rose Court in London, Baroness Vivien Stern CBE delivered the third CPS Annual Lecture: ‘The crime of rape and justice for victims’.

You can read the full text of the lecture ‘The crime of rape and justice for victims’