Victim survey

If you are a victim, Rape Justice would like to learn about your experiences of rape.

You can submit your views by completing the short survey below.

The questions are about the effects of the rape and also your actions afterwards i.e. whether you reported etc.

Some questions refer to how you felt about things whilst others are about what happened.

You will remain completely anonymous since no information which could identify you is collected.

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What is your gender?

Who was your rapist? If you were raped by more than one person, click on all the ones that apply.
Total StrangerRelativeFriendPartner or SpouseDateWork ColleagueOther

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What was the gender of the rapist/abuser (s)?
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Had you previously engaged in consensual sex (at any time previously) with anyone involved in your rape?

Do you think the rapist/s planned the attack?

Did you suffer terrifying and strange reactions after the incident/s which made you feel like you were going crazy?

Did you remember all of the attack immediately?

If no, when did details of the attack come back to you?

If other please specify

Only answer the next 2 questions if you reported the rape;

Were you happy with how the police treated you?

Did your case reach court?