Legal profession survey

If you are a CPS case worker, prosecution advocate, rape specialist lawyer or barrister ( including defence barristers), Rape Justice would like to establish your views on matters relating to the prosecution of rape.

You can submit your views by completing the short focussed survey below.

The questions relate to specific aspects of rape prosecution, aiming to give an overall impression only.

Responses will remain completely anonymous since no personal data is collected.

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Rape Prosecution

Do you feel that there is effective team working between the police and CPS?

Do you feel there is a general unwillingness to use expert witnesses in cases of rape?

If yes, why?

Pre-charge decision making

Do you feel most video interviews conducted are of a high standard in terms of quality of interview, admissibility and other relevant issues?

If no, what could be done to improve them

Do you feel police investigations are sufficiently thorough in order for you to have available all possible evidence in cases of rape?

If no, what could be done to improve them?

Do you feel prosecutor understanding of PTSD is necessary in cases of rape either to inform a charging decision or instruct counsel?


Do you feel Prosecution Advocates, including Rape Specialists, usually have sufficient understanding of rape to provide an effective prosecution?

Victim/Witness Issues

Are you happy with current procedures for completing DCV letters and offering a meeting to the victim?

If not, why?