Police survey

If you are a police officer, detective, SOIT officer, PCSO or senior manager, Rape Justice would like to establish your views on matters relating to the investigation of rape.
You can submit your views by completing the short focussed survey below.

The questions relate to specific areas of rape investigation and to your experiences and beliefs as an officer and those of your colleagues. They do not refer to statement of fact or knowledge of rape statistics.

Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. Responses will remain completely anonymous since no personal data is collected.

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Do you think that the more serious or more damaging the rape, the more likely a victim is to report?

Do you feel officers think that being asked to believe all victims compromises the impartiality of an investigation?

Forensics / Investigation

Do you feel financial factors sometime have a bearing on the type of forensics undertaken?

Do you think that obtaining evidence is less of an issue in cases of rape by someone known to the victim, particularly in cases where consensual sex has previously taken place ?

Do you feel victim PTSD should have any bearing on how rape or sexual crime is investigated?
YesNoDont Know

Liaising with CPS

Do you feel there is effective team working between police officers in your area and CPS?


What do you feel are the most crucial factors in securing a conviction in court? Please name three.