Rape Justice aims to primarily support those working within the Criminal Justice System (CJS) who wish to increase their expertise in sexual crime and rates of conviction in order to excel in this specialised field. We do however also work with councils, local authorities, supporting agencies and community groups.

Rape Justice seeks to open up the world of the sexual offender, victims and nature of sexual crimes to examine rigorous investigative approaches, evidence presentation and court room skills within a context of psycholological and scientific understanding at a level the professional is comfortable with.

Through improving the response of criminal justice professionals to sexual crime, Rape Justice aims to increase the reporting rates of survivors who are still imprisoned by their experiences of sexual abuse and also to help provide a more victim focussed justice system.

Rape Justice have take on the role of Ambassador for the  Wave Trust, supporting  their 70/30 Campaign, aiming for a 70% reduction in  child abuse, neglect and domestic violence by 2030.

RapeJustice has been pleased to contribute to the Metropolitan Police Service annual SOIT seminar programme 2011.